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Specialized translation (legal & financial)

Legal translations of contracts, status, judgments and others contractual or financial documents require experts translators.We put lawyers, accountants, economists and financial analysts with proven language skills at your disposal.

Certified translation

To certify your translations we work in association with sworn translators formally authorized by law to stamp their translation as official, recognized by official institutions (in France, Europe….).

Commercial and marketing translation

We translate your business documents : brochures, newsletters, booklets, press releases, advertising campaigns, catalogues…The documents reflect your company’s communication policy and convey your brand images. They require care in terms of content and style. Our translators adapt your documents to suit local markets while respecting your usual communication style.

Technical and scientific translation

We translate technical guides, instruction manuals…The translation must be terminologically sound and the instructions clear and accurate.Our translators have technical expertise in their fields, linguistic excellence and IT skills.

Translation of web sites

Online translation

You can send and receive directly by e-mail your translation within a few hours.

Urgent translation

Our worldwide network allows us a great reactivity to look for your translation that needs to be dealt with immediately.